NBRI publications include Research Reports, Abstracts, Books, Guides, and Proceedings.

Research Reports are detailed manuscripts (in Hebrew) of the sponsored individual research projects. Each project has a limited scope and timeframe, usually one year, and the work follows the specific aims and work outline approved by the specific sponsor. Due to its limited scope, a single study does not cover the total area that may be implied by the keywords in the project’s title. The specifics are, however, clarified in the Summary, which is also available in English. Findings and conclusions reported for each project are relevant within its limited scope, which cannot cover all the practical issues relevant to the entire domain of the specific problem. Consequently, NBRI cannot bear any responsibility for any practical application of research results. Responsibility for such application must be assumed by the applying entity, who should be very careful in doing so and accompany the application by a rigorous follow up and examination of the differences between the actual field and boundary conditions and those encountered in the research project.

Books and Guides prepared at NBRI are usually written in Hebrew and summarize internationally and locally produced knowledge for the benefit of students and Israeli professionals. They may not be regarded as design or construction specifications, and are not intended to be used as the basis or tool for direct design or detailing in any given project. Such tasks are the sole responsibility of the design and construction teams, and NBRI cannot bear any responsibility for any inference made from any of its books or guides.

NBRI issues Proceedings (in English) for events it organizes. They do not appear in the Publications Catalogue but can be tracked in the Events‘ tab. Printed copies can be purchased through NBRI secretariat.