State and Public Committees

State and public decisions regarding the building sector affect many other sectors of the economy and impact the safety and quality of construction, the quality of life of people using the buildings, and the cost of building. Driving factors of such decisions include an aspiration to minimize risk of building failures and prevent those that might be disastrous and incur large-scale casualties and damage to property, a need to prepare optimally for various scenarios of natural and war threats that are characteristic to the State of Israel, and a need to prepare for sustainable development for the benefit of future generations, all while minimizing building costs and streamlining construction, or at least without rendering it unreasonably expensive relative to the achievements. In order to assist decision makers, different committees and councils have been established in Israel that discuss the relevant issues in a systematic manner and consolidate recommendations for both state and public policies. NBRI members represent the Technion in a variety of such bodies.