Structural Engineering

Research at the Department of Structural Engineering covers an extensive range of classic and innovative fields and integrates experimental and theoretical studies. Researchers are engaged in studying the behavior of structures and their components under both static and dynamic loads, and the response of structures to extreme loads such as wind, earthquakes and impact. Studies include also the behaviour of underground structures under ‘regular’ and extreme loads, along with research in the fields of strengthening and upgrading of existing structures.

Experimental research makes use of unique experimental instrumentation that ensures control during the course of an experiment in tandem with detailed measurements of the investigated phenomena. The experiments are carried out by a dedicated professionally trained technical team that is proficient in the preparation of structural samples and in running of structural experiments.

The following are examples of recently relevant research fields:

  • Reinforced concrete structures and components
  • Earthquake engineering
  • Strengthening and upgrading of structures
  • Identification of structural damage
  • Protective structures
  • Progressive collapse
  • Pre-stressed concrete
  • Steel structures
  • Monitoring of structures
  • Underground structures
  • Structural optimization
  • Intelligent structures
  • Piezoelectric structures