Building Materials, Performance And Technology

Activities at this department extend across several disciplines: concrete technology, advanced cementitious materials, polymeric materials, sustainable construction, recycling in construction, radiation and radon in residential buildings, heat, mass and air transfer in buildings, energy in buildings, indoor climate, integral building performance, and advanced methods for the characterization of building materials.

The following are examples of recently relevant research fields:

  • Nano and microscopic devices for monitoring smart and interactive structures
  • Utilizing construction and industrial waste
  • Durability and cracking of concrete and cementitious materials
  • Special concretes: Self Compacting Concrete (SCC), controlled low strength concrete (CLSM), high performance concrete, and concrete with nano-additives
  • Composite materials with a cementitious matrix reinforced with fibres and fabrics
  • Gypsum and natural stone products with special properties
  • Advanced polymer adhesives
  • Radon and gamma radiation in residential buildings in Israel
  • Overall performance and construction quality
  • Sustainable construction and energy in buildings
  • Hygro-thermal performance of buildings and components
  • Thermal comfort and indoor air quality