Head of the Institute

Associate Professor Yehiel Rosenfeld
Tel: 04-829-2242/3

Research Staff:

Department of Structural Engineering
Name Tel Email
Associate Professor Oded Amir 04-829-3041
Associate Professor Mahmood Jabareen 04-829-3040
Associate Professor Yiska Goldfeld 04-829-3044
Associate Professor Avi Dancygier, Department Head 04-829-2487
Associate Professor Konstantin Volokh 04-829-2426
Professor David Yankelevsky 04-829-2286
Associate Professor Oren Lavan 04-829-2276
Dr. Vladimir Feldgun 04-829-2244
Associate Professor Barak Fishbain 04-829-3177
Professor Yehoshua Frostig 04-829-3046
Dina Tzemach 04-829-3038
Dr. Yuri Karinski 04-829-3187
Professor Oded Rabinovitch 04-829-3047
Professor Emeritus, Avigdor Rutenberg 04-829-2757
Department of Building Materials, Performance & Technology
Name Tel Email
Dr. Galit Agranati 04-829-3023
Professor Emeritus Arnon Bentur 04-829-3986
Associate Professor Rachel Becker 04-829-2248
Dr. Boris Dashevsky 04-829-3038
Associate Professor Yasha (Jacob) Grobman 04-829-4041
Associate Professor Samuel Hassid 04-829-2781
Associate Professor Amnon Katz 04-829-3124
Associate Professor Konstantin (Kosta) Kovler, Department Head 04-829-2971
Department of Construction Management & Economics
Name Tel Email
Associate Professor Rafael Sacks 04-829-3190
Professor Alexander Laufer 04-829-2364
Associate Professor  Ronie Navon 04-829-2600
Associate Professor Yehiel Rosenfeld 04-829-2363
Associate professor Aviad Shapira 04-829-2246
Department of Geotechnical Engineering
Name Tel Email
Associate Professor Mark Talesnick 04-829-2295
Associate Professor Eyal Levenberg 04-829-2809
Professor Emirates Shlomo (Sam) Frydman 04-829-3320
Associate Professor  Assaf Klar 04-829-2647
Laboratory Staff
Name Tel Email
Mark Gurevitch 04-829-2250
Edward Gershengoren 04-829-3028
Yakov Vitman, Laboratory Head 04-829-3027
Gennady Xendel 04-829-2250
Elhanan Izhak, Head of Electronics 04-829-3141
Menachem Simon (Zif) 04-829-2516
Felix Kuravsky 04-829-3028
Administration & Computing
Name Tel Email
Anat Avital,  Administrative Assistant 04-829-2242/3
Esti Mashali, Secretary 04-829-2242/3
Elena Spektor, Computer staff 04-829-2894
Yakov Moshe, Building Managerr 04-829-5881